Why DiscipleShift


Why DiscipleShift

  As we will be focusing on better articulating and living out our core values and beliefs as  Jesus laid them out in the Bible. 

We know that God’s desire for us is   to have a relationship with Him through His son Jesus and to help others have that same relationship.  In addition, God wants us to     grow in our knowledge of Him and in the likeness of His Son. We do  this through prayer, bible study, the Holy Spirit and with the help of one another.

This year we will embark on our journey to better help each other to  live this out. We are calling it “DiscipleShift”.  This is taken from the book written by Jim Putman, Bobby Harrington and Robert  Coleman. Many of us remember Coleman as the author of “The Master Plan of Evangelism”. 

Starting in February we will be reading through the book Discipleshift as a church and discussing during our midweek services.  We are asking each member to get a copy and begin reading.

Please be in prayer for God to continue to guide us on this journey.

Love In Christ,  AB