1200 Church Kids


1200 Church Kids



We believe the Bible and worship should not be boring, but fun, active, and motivated by a love for God! Each week, your child will learn about the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in a creative and age-appropriate way. Our curriculum provides fun, multi-sensory teaching that immerses your kids in the Bible, helping them to know Jesus personally and grow in a relationship with him.


A clean and inviting Children/Kids Classroom Structure.
Nursery:  Six months  through 36 months.
Preschool/Kindergarten: Three years through Kindergarten.
Elementary: Grades 1st through 5th.

Allergies and Special Needs

To help us serve you and your family, please use the registration form you will be given to notify us of any and all allergies, medicines and special needs.

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety is our first priority.  Each of our classroom volunteers has been carefully screened and has had a background check conducted.


Varies from week to week.  “Today’s Snack” is posted near the check-in center at the entrance to the kids building.  We offer snacks for gluten free diets. 


Children who have shown signs of fever, vomiting or other contagious illnesses should be symptom and fever free for 24 hours prior to check-in.

Sunday Check-in Process

  • Check-in starts at 9:45 AM and closes at 10:15 AM.
  • Arrive at check-in desk; fill out registration card. Two stickers with matching security codes will be provided; one for you, one for the child.  The child’s sticker will display the name of his or her class (e.g., Nursery and Toddler, etc.)
  • At conclusion of worship service, please pick up kids. You MUST have the sticker with the matching security code to pick up your child.