ReOpen Phase one


ReOpen Phase one

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The Leadership of the 1200 Church is pleased to announce that we will resume in person worship services on Sunday, November 8 th beginning with Phase One of Reopening.
Thank you to our Task Force Volunteers for their hard work in helping us to work out the details.
Thank you to the AV Team and Singers for keeping us connected online for the past 6 months.
Phase One is intended for persons who are low risk – otherwise please join us live via Facebook, YouTube, or the church website (list links) if you are an older adult or have any severe underlying health conditions
COVID-19 is an unpredictable illness.  Some people may have the virus and be asymptomatic.  Others may contract the virus and experience serious and life threatening illness. Given the nature of the virus we cannot guarantee that this church is free of COVID-19. Having said this, we are taking the following steps in an effort to minimize the risk and to make this a safer worship environment.
Details for the In-Person Worship services in Phase One are as follows:

The Service will be a Group Viewing of the Online Service in the Sanctuary. Phase One does not include live preaching or singers. Everything will be viewed on the screen.

Attendance in Phase One will be limited to 10% of the capacity

Sign up to attend service will open each Monday

Enter and Exit through the main door only

Masks are required to be worn inside the building

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to service beginning

Take your temperature upon entry and only enter if your temperature is below 100

Pick up a communion cup on the way in

Maintain social distance (6 feet) from everyone except those living in your household

Please leave 3 empty seats between you and another family

The Sheriff’s Deputy will be in attendance

Hand Sanitizer Stations have been installed

One person/family in the restrooms at a time

There will be No Kingdom Kids classes in Phase One. Children are to remain with you at all times during the service – there will be no kingdom kids at this time.

All children over the age of three must wear face masks.

Following Service, please fellowship outside

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